Holy shit!

Mere minutes after my last post, I got ahold of Joy from the CMRRA... hired!
I start my new job on September 18th.
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Still kickin'

Just letting everyone know- I am alive and well. Toronto is awesome. Think fondly of me and don't let the time between now and my next visit be a time of sorrow and despair. Rejoice in the knowlege that I am well and good things approach!

I had an interview on Thursday morning, which went pretty well, however I haven't heard back from them yea or nay... so I'm getting a little anxious, I plan on calling them back today if I don't hear from them. I already emailed them, but maybe they need more... persistant harassment. I was invited for a group interview at Indigo Bookstore but it was for last Wednesday, and I was packing & moving that day. I called them back though, and they're probably having another one, and they're going to call me for that.

Aside from that, everything is lovely... I'm happily getting along with everyone here at Natassja's house, and doing what I can to make myself useful. I hope I don't have to impose on her mom too much longer, she's a hard working lady and I don't want to be a burden. She does seem to like having me around for now though, so that's alright.
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I quit!

Today was my last day at A&P, for the first time in almost 4 years I'm unemployed... woo!

I have no responsibilities! Yessss! Time to get... thrifty. At least til I start at least 1 new job.


I remembered today, I also had a copy of The Usual Suspects and Top Gun, they got stolen too. Craig was back for a day & now he's gone again, I don't know what his fucking deal is. Self-destructive people with no self-control or concept of consequences infuriate me. I can't wait to leave. I don't want to deal with this anymore.

Also: creepy dudes who refer to themselves as "gypsy vikings" should not send my girlfriend obnoxious emails, nor should they call themselves gypsy vikings... douchebag.

Insult to injury

I'm packing up some of my stuff right now, just odds & ends that I won't need right away that I can easily store in boxes til I fully move in "for real"... and since I hardly ever watch movies I decide to pack up my DVD's.

Hanna recently repainted our TV room so we moved all the furniture out of the way. This meant pulling all the DVD's from the shelf & boxing them up. This also allowed her & dad to go through them, keep the ones they didn't want boxed up, and neatly organize the DVD's and videos we were keeping.

A week after that's done, a whole ton of DVD's go fucking missing, including my Ong-Bak, SYL concert DVD, and my Transformers movie that I got for my birthday a while ago. Amazing. Hanna's meticulous about organizing that shit, dad never watches movies alone, and I hardly ever watch movies at all. How could all these movies just magically disappear? Unless someone who lives here made off with them one morning & sold them to a used video place for some quick cash, of course, but nobody living here would do that... [/sarcasm]

edit: oh yeah, and my Casino SE DVD.